I'm a freelance journalist and editor with ten years' experience working for national magazines, both online and print - most recently writing for GLAMOUR, Red, The Pool, Women's Health, EasyJet Traveller, Brides, Condé Nast Traveller and N by Norwegian magazine. (Yes, I am available for commissions, how kind of you to ask. Yes, you can contact me to discuss this further - here's how: amy@amyabrahams.com)

I write a lot about health and fitness - mainly because I'm always trying to be healthier and fitter, and because after being the 'least likely to run for a bus, let alone run a marathon', I somehow ended up running two marathons in one year. (New York and London, should you be fond of details.) I'm always interested in hearing about new classes and products, book launches and studies, so ping me an email if you have health news to share.

While I love writing about health and wellness, don't expect endless green juice pics and angled shots of my (unimpressive) abs on this blog. To me, a healthier life is about so much more than just eating well and exercise - it's about (among other things) good mental health, kindness, brilliant books, long walks, travel, great films and red lipstick, so don't be alarmed if I write about things other than just squats and sprints.

In fact, I can write about just about anything, so do get in touch if you are looking for a pen for hire. And if you want to see a bit more about my career history, LinkedIn is good for a nose.

Finally, do say hello on Twitter and Instagram - it's always lovely to hear from you. 

CONTACT ME amy@amyabrahams.com